Magnetic sensor MSK320SKF

Magnetic sensor MSK320SKF

ATEX version, incremental, digital interface

New linear and angular measurement system for applications in hazardous areas (ATEX)
In some areas of application, such as the oil and gas industry and also in many areas of the chemical industry it is necessary to use sensors that are ATEX-certified (ATmosphères Explosibles). The ATEX certification is used in the area of explosion protection.
An all-round dedicated player
The sensor’s “resilience” makes it extremely versatile. In continuous use, SIKO sensor technology has proven its cost-effectiveness; since the MSK320SKF is extremely durable and virtually “indestructible”. Follow-up costs for maintenance and replacement are now a thing of the past.
The MSK320SKF sensor operates as an open system, linear or rotary, wear-free and low-maintenance. A large selection of corresponding MB320/1-type magnetic bands and MR320 / MBR320-type magnetic rings are available in order to adapt to various shaft diameters.
New sensor for applications in potentially explosive areas
Designed by SIKO GmbH for use under ATEX conditions, the magnetic sensor MSK320SKF came about in the course of a new product development. The sensor is therefore suitable for use in potentially explosive areas and opens up new applications in the field of explosion protection.
To ensure safe use, the MSK320SKF-type sensor must be used with a defined protective barrier. The sensor can be used in Zone 1 and 2 (high and normal safety).
The variety of available magnetic rings of varying diameters and pole numbers means flexibility and allows its use in many machine designs.
Self-testing made easy
Apart from comprehensive expert advice, SIKO now also offers the opportunity of testing a sample device of the new sensor.
System accuracy: up to +/- 0.1°
Repeatability: +/- 1 increment
Resolution 0.1 mm / scaling factor 8
Compact design 51 x 21 x 45mm
High ring / sensor distance up to 2.0 mm
Use with safety barrier type 924-60004-0003 (BEI Company Sensors)
Operating voltage 4.75 … 9 VDC for ATEX application
Output circuit PP (push-pull) with inverted signals 
EC-Type Examination Certificate TPS 13 ATEX 47828 001 X
ATEX Certification II 2 G Ex ib IIC T3 X

Profile MSK320SKF:

  • High scaling factor ≤64
  • Pole length 3.2 mm
  • Speed-proportional signal output
  • Reading distance ≤2 mm
  • Works with MB320/1 magnetic tape, MR320 magnetic ring, MBR320 magnetic tape ring
  • Option: ATEX version with
    TPS 13 ATEX 47828 001 X EC type-examination certificate

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